"Quality & expertise in the comfort of your home or holiday accommodation"

Massage in your home or holiday accomodation

Welcome and thank you for visiting!

Welcome and thank you for visiting!

Home visit massages are a luxury you deserve! Massages given at your home or holiday accommodation enables you to save travel time and annoyance. You get into a deeper state of relaxation because you are in a familiar environment. You can choose to enjoy your own shower or fall asleep after a relaxing massage instead of having to travel home. 

Is your body important? Do you share the opinion that health and happiness go side by side? Is it time for relaxation? A massage consult from Home visit massage is the answer. Home visit massage comes to your home or holiday accommodation. We operate in Lagos and in the entire Algarve region of Portugal.

Because i am also graduated in Physiotherapy ( Which is a four year full-time study) i distinguish myself by high knowledge and massage skills, client specific treatment, work drive and enthusiasm.

 Feel free to have a look on the website and if u have any questions u are more then welcome to ask them.

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Kind regards,

Jesse van Klarenbosch

Physiotherapist & Massage-therapist

Owner of Home visit Massage Lagos

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Time to relax? Book a massage!


Once again it was a busy summer. Now its time to relax! Massage is a * luxury * that you cant afford to miss.


You cant buy happiness but you can buy a massage and thats kind of the same!!!